Moroccan Riad in Marrakech Medina Morocco

moroccan riad in marrakech medina morocco | Riad Al Ksar

What is a Riad in the Medina of Marrakech

By definition, the Riad is an architectural concept of habitat in Morocco, in the center of the medina (historic center) of the imperial cities, such as those of Marrakech, Fes or Essaouira… A Riad (or Riyad, which means Garden in Arabic) is a Moroccan house completely closed to the outside and all its openings overlook an interior Courtyard Patio. Only entrance door opens onto the street therefore is found along the Alleyways and cramped Derbs that shape the urban planning of a Medina.

Then simply push of the one of these magnificent Cedar Wood Doors to discover the hidden beauty of a Ryad in the Medina. Traditionally, the particular architecture of a Riad is organized around a square garden in the heart of the Patio – decorated with plants and trees usually with a Fountain at the ground floor. Then, one or several floors overlook the central patio, around carved passageways that distribute the multiple rooms with varied refined and luxurious decorations.

Then comes the roof terrace ornamented or not in garden to admire the Panoramic View of the Medina, historic city, and also the terrace of neighbours. The best views depending on the topography of the area and the height of the terrace.

Distinction between Riads and Moroccan Dar, Douria or Ksar in Morocco

It should be noted that in Morocco, the Riad coexists alongside with other architectural buildings:

The Moroccan Dar, when the Moroccan house does not have all the necessary attributes to be designated as a riad authentic (no central garden or fountain in general).

The Douria, when one or several Moroccan houses are built in the annex of a Palace or a larger Riad.

The Ksar, complex of several Riads or Palace such as the Ksar Bahia more known under the name of Palace of the Bahia, or as well the Ksar El Badi, all two in Marrakesh, less than 300m from Riad Al Ksar. For the anecdote, it is the famous Palace of the Bahia, Ksar Bahia, which has inspired the name of the Moroccan Riad in Marrakech Medina Morocco Al Ksar & spa.

Riad, Riade or Ryad?

Finally the scriptures of the word Riad are numerous in the Literature: among other found the terms of Ryad, Riyadh. The appellations of Riad can also be found written with spelling such as in the expression “Riade”. These variants come from the translations from the Arabic language which are often phonetic.

Palais Bahia - moroccan riad in marrakech medina morocco | Riad Al Ksar
moroccan riad in marrakech medina morocco | Riad Al Ksar

Choice between Guesthouse or Moroccan Riad

To avoid confusion, be aware that all Moroccan Riad in Marrakech Medina Morocco (approximately 28000) is not a Guesthouse, but often, for the most part, dwelling private houses. In the same way, all the Guesthouses of Marrakech are not Riads in Medina, since the name Riad concerns, according to the administration, buildings with central patio located in the heart of the Medina.

The term of Riad is often used extensively by Real Estate Developers for commercial purposes. Moroccan Riad in Marrakech Medina Morocco is historically a habitat with patio in the heart of the medinas, accessible by narrow alleyways.

In Morocco, Riads have experienced a progressive abandonment until the beginning of the 2000s, due of the lack of modernity and their only pedestrian access. But from 2002, the Moroccan riad has suddenly experienced a new youth and resurgence in popularity, due to the needs of the Hospitality Business in Marrakesh which become international tourist city destination with the development of low cost flights toward the Red City.

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moroccan riad in marrakech medina morocco | Riad Al Ksar
hotel medina marrakech morocco | Riad Al Ksar

History of Riad Al Ksar

This is in the heart of the Jewish District, “the Mellah” of Marrakech, built in the 15th century, that is located the Moroccan Riad in Marrakech Medina Morocco Al Ksar & Spa. The Riad used to be a Jewish School for Boys & Girls, with 2 other Riads next door. In 1951 , After the creation of Israel, many Jewish People left Morocco. THe Riad became property of a Muslim Family. Since 2007, it changed of ownership to be turned into a Guesthouse. The Riad has been Fully Renovated in 2008 in respect of the technical craft millennia and traditional materials of Morocco to Regain its Past Beauty.

The Moucharabies in Cedar Wood of the Ifrane region in the Middle Atlas, the Limestone pigmented Paintings, Plaster Sculpture, Ceramics Zellige of Fez and Tadelakt of Marrakech, present in the Riads, have been reintegrated. Each element has been renovated or specially thought as in the past, and then patiently achieved by countless fascinating and careful gestures of Moroccan Craftsmen. An enhancement of the Traditional Central Patio was conducted in order to give back its brilliance to the traditional decoration of the Riad made of Moroccan cedar wood, Typical of Moroccan Luxury.

An Exotic Lush Garden consisting of Palm tree, Yucca, Banana trees, traveller`s tree and Bird of Paradise flower has also been imagined, put in value by an architectural lighting from the ground. A Pool Bath on the ground floor , consisting of no less than 12000 pieces of Zelliges in Emerald and Turquoise colour, which confers to the Patio touch of freshness and interior design, has been built for the well-being of Guests staying in the Riad. All the elements of modern comfort have been integrated to the construction.

The Moroccan Riad in Marrakech Medina Morocco Al Ksar has been renovated as a guesthouse with Swimming Pool and modern comfort on all floors (air conditioning, swimming pool, relaxation areas, Spa with hammam..)  including the latest technologies and standards of the quality hotels (Wifi, video monitoring, intercom, electric door, solar panels..) for Optimal Comfort.