Moroccan Hammam Massage for Couples in the Medina

Spa & Riad Marrakech Al Ksar

Authentic Moroccan Spa Ritual in a Riad

Discover the Calm, Freshness & Unique Charm of a Riad in the heart of the Medina. Off the beaten track, the Traditional Moroccan Spa Ritual in a Riad will delight you.

Riad Al Ksar features a Steam Bath, Relaxing Morrocan Duo Hammam for Couples (Steam bath), in the spa, as well as a Duo Massage Room for Couples.

The spa facilities of the Riad respect Moroccan Handmade Tradition with a Hammam made of Marble of Morocco and traditional “Zéliges” Ceramic of Fes, with Emerald and Turquoise soothing colors. The benefits of Hot Water, lukewarm, or cold, are many, particularly in the south of Morocco where it is rare.

Guests can enjoy different well being spaces to relax. You can take advantage of our Solarium & Terrace Wellness Spaces to relax. Moroccan hammam massage in marrakech can be made all year round.

Moroccan Bath Hammam For Two

At the Riad Al Ksar & Spa, Traditional Moroccan Bath ( Hammam) cares are carried out in the Best respect of the Tradition of Peeling and then wrap. Flavored with Eucalyptus essential oil, our Mixed Unisex (Man/Woman) Hammam steam room For Couples is ideal to carry out your care Together.

The Moroccan Hammam consists in a steam bath, originating from the thermal baths of the Ancient Rome. During the development of the Islamic religion in the Arab countries, the use of the steam bath has spread because of the recommendations of the Muslim Religion, advocating the daily ablutions and a Thorough Cleanliness.

But it is mainly thanks to its benefits, that the steam room has acquired a great popularity, especially in Marrakech with the best Hammam Rituals. Indeed, in the Hammam, steam helps to open Pores of the Skin, suitable for a deep Cleaning under the combined effect of the Black Soap of Morocco which removes the old cells, impurities and other bacteria. The hammam releases the sinuses as well as the Respiratory System (bronchi, nose and throat), relaxes the muscles and improves the breathing. Subsequently, the pores of the skin shrink through rising with Fresh Water, bringing improved skin elasticity.

In the Hammam, Relaxation represents the ultimate step, it is conducive to well-being as the main action of the hammam is a significant Vasodilatation, inducing an effective Release of Muscle Tissues. The hammam is highly recommended after a physical activity or sports because it helps Relaxing Muscles, relieving ligament pain and cramps.

For a better comfort, it is recommended to avoid going to the Hammam during digestion (wait 3 hours) and not having shaved the same day: most of the hammams can diffuse light vapors of pine and Eucalyptus. These plants have stinging qualities.

Finally, the Hammam induces a decrease in the blood pressure. It is not recommended for people suffering of hypotension. In Morocco, the Hammam is often associated with Spa Treatments such as Black Soap scrub and Rhassoul clay wrap, which multiply the wellness. Followed by a Massage, the experiense of moroccan hammam massage in marrakech is unforgettable.

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moroccan hammam massage in marrakech | Riad Al Ksar

Relaxing & Sport Duo Massage for Couples

The team at the Riad Al Ksar & Spa provides its massage treatments in a Duo Massage Room, Ideal for Couples, in the Medina of Marrakech. The Moroccan massage, carried out immediately after a Hammam Care, has a beneficial effect because the Muscles are Relaxed by the vasodilatation and the acceleration of blood and lymph flow. The different layers of the skin are more irrigated, allowing a better result during Massage: Toning of skin, blurring of cellulite, relaxation of muscle tissue (muscle nodes).

Its action is Beneficial on Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety. At the Riad Al Ksar & spa Marrakech, the various massages performed are: Relaxing Massage for Two, Sport Massage, or Specific Massage: Back, Legs, Neck, Feet… as well as massages with warm oils or 4 hands massage, for even more fun. The duration of the massages to choose is of 20mn, 30mn, 40mn, 50mn to 60mn. The massage Team of the Riad Al Ksar uses 100% Pure & Bio Argan Oil, the best oil against the aging of the skin, as well as natural vegetal Massage Oils. Enjoy the Traditionnal moroccan hammam massage in marrakech to Optimize our several Massages.

moroccan hammam massage in marrakech | Riad Al Ksar

Reservation of Hammam Massage For Two in Marrakech

Informations and Reservations and “Half-Day Spa” bookings at the Spa of the Riad Al Ksar in the Medina of Marrakech can be made by email at , by Whatsapp message, telephone, or Spa Booking Form or Directly On Spot for Customers staying at the Riad Al Ksar & spa.

Health Safety at the Private Spa

Riad Al Ksar & Spa has reinforced its Spa Sanitary Protocol & Products according to government recommendations and professional standards of the Hotel and Spa industry. In order to secure your Customer Path at the Spa :

– Our Spa Treatments are Exclusively Private in Individual or Duo rooms and by reservation only.

Foot Bath, hand washing in touch-free bathroom, taking of temperature are compulsory. In case of refusal, access to the establishment will be refused.

Shower before and after their treatments & Wearing of the Mask is compulsory during the Hamman and Massage Spa Treatments (except facial treatments).

– Our Spa Rooms (locker rooms, cabins, toilets) are cleaned and disinfected with an anti Covid-19 Biodegradable Virucidal cleaner after each client visit.

– The Spa staff is equipped with individual protective equipment during treatments (mask, gloves, work smock), and is trained in Barrier Gestures and Strict Hygiene Procedures.

Discover the Full Internal Health Protocol of Riad Al Ksar & Spa

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Black Soap Scrub in Morocco

The Authentic Moroccan Black Soap is 100% Natural. It consists of water, Olive Oil and glycerin and its saponification is traditionally made with Linseed Oil. It comes in the form of a Thick Dark or Black Paste. Once mixed with water, this dough becomes smooth but it is low foaming. The black soap takes its Origins in Morocco.

In the Moroccan Hammam, during the Scrubing with a Kessa Glove, natural black soap applied acts like a Powerful Exfoliant that eliminates all the dead skins and impurities. This action promotes cells regeneration, removes toxins and is an extraordinary Natural moisturizer for the skin because it contains Regenerative Vitamin E, being made of olives. It has the fabulous particularity to make a Silky Skin. The Traditonnal Moroccan hammam massage in marrakech is the ideal ritual to experience the Black Soap Scrubing

Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask

Rhassoul is a Volcanic Clay extracted in Morocco. The only Rhassoul clay deposits currently known in the world are found Exclusively in Morocco.

Unlike conventional soaps, it Does Not Contain Surfactant, and clean by absorbing fats and dirt. Mixed with water, Rhassoul Clay forms a very sweet mixture that fixes and absorbs dirt and grease particles when applied On the Face, Body and Hair. Then they go during flushing. It is recognized for its soothing and cleansing properties.

This makes it a must do care in the Moroccan Hammam and you will come out with a Baby’s Skin, truly.

Ghassoul moroccan hammam massage in marrakech | Riad Al Ksar