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How to Get Around Marrakech Bus Taxi Airport Transfer Train Station

… Find below all the information you need to know about how to GET AROUND MARRAKECH bus taxi airport transfer train station, easily and cheaply. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is strongly recommended that you know the following useful tips before venturing into the streets of the red city.

In the city, walk, use taxi, take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, bus or bicycle without worries.

Below you will also find the best easy, reliable and economical transport options to REACH THE OTHER CITIES of the Kingdom, such as Casablanca, Essaouira or Tangier or the international airport Marrakech Menara, by train, bus or car.

1/ From the Airport Marrakech Menara – reach the city centre by Taxi , Bus or PrivateAirport Transfer

You can reach quickly the city center of Marrakech from the airport: Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station. Only 4km away from the city center. Airport Transfers By Reservation or taxis are the easiest and quickest way, especially with luggage. You have to negotiate the taxi fare. The official rate is 70dhs, but given the waiting and the airport surcharge, you will hardly pay less than 150dhs. The price from the airport to the Palmeraie is officially 100dhs, alsoto negotiate.

Bus 19 connects Menara International Airport to the city centre, Gueliz and Medina (Arset El Bilk). The price is special and is about to 20dhs per way. There is a departure every 20 to 30 minutes, between 7am and 9:30pm. You will be at your destination in 20 minutes, the airport is only 5 km from the city centre. Purchase of the Bus Ticket on board. Single fare and round-trip fares available.

Warning : Line 19 is in loop tour Aéroport-Medina-Gueliz. This means that by returning to the airport from the Medina (Arset El Bilk), the bus passes through Gueliz, so it is necessary to allow more time than the direct airport-medina arrival.

Bus 11 also passes on the avenue in front of the airport and joins the city centre and the Medina (Arset El Bilk).

Outside Gueliz and the medina, it is recommended to use airport transfer services or taxis.

Private Airport transfers are also a very practical way to reach your place of stay in Marrakech: personalized, from door to door, fast and safe – get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station

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2/ The Medina by foot

The Medina, with its narrow car free alleyways can be discovered by foot. You need 30 to 40 minutes of walking to cross the medina from south to north… without getting lost. If you get lost, avoid asking a man on the street for direction. It is better to ask a woman or a shopkeeper who cannot leave her shop.

False guides are numerous, it is a more or less illegal activity but very much practiced in Marrakech. It will be difficult for you not to be approached when you are on the street. Do not show that you are lost or be ready to pay a few dirhams if you want to be accompanied. Attention: pedestrian traffic is not a priority, so walk to the right in the medina, the mopeds in the middle.

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A distinction must be made between small and large taxis

3/By Petit Taxis in Marrakech up to 3 persons

Negotiate the fare before boarding

The majority of Little taxis(sandycolor) are now Dacia Logan, formerly of the 205 Peugeot. It is possible to ride up to 3 people. Beyond that you will have to use the large taxis (6 or 7 people) or the horse carriage (4 to 5 people). Small taxis are officially metered. The minimum rate is 7dhs and then per 1,7 dhs for the day and 2.55dhs for the night, i. e. a legal increase of 50% from 9pm to 6am.

You will soon realize that drivers are always trying to keep the meter off. They will apply their package to you.

It is IMPERATIVE to negotiate the fare before sitting in a taxi. A Medina- gueliz journey costs about 15dhs up to 3 people without luggage. Negotiate between 20 and 30dhs during the day, 50dhs the maximum night between Gueliz and the medina, it is generous. If the taxi doesn’t accept, wait for the next one.

If there is already a customer in the taxi, the taxi driver is still likely to stop in front of you. You will have to be careful with the rate of the meter applied if it is already on.

Small taxis travel up to 15km from Marrakech. Beyond that, you will have to use a large taxi.

Green Taxis

There is a company of small taxis: Green Taxis 0524 40 94 99. This company charges a surcharge of 10dhs per day and 15dhs per night at the public rate. Please have the meter connected. Beyond the city centre, a flat rate of 100dhs per day is applied.

Green taxis can come to pick you up at a precise address, with some discrepancies of punctuality from time to time.

Just so you know, little taxis have a number on their doors. It is necessary to note it in case of big problems, in addition to the day and time, but in general everything goes very well once the question of the fare is raised.Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station

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Riad Al Ksar Hotel of Charm Swimming pool Marrakech medina

Riad Al Ksar Hotel of Charm Swimming pool Marrakech medina

VISIT RIAD AL KSAR & SPA, Near Jemaa El Fnaa Square & Bahia Palace, in the Medina


4/By grand Taxis with 4 or more or outside Marrakech

The large taxis, formerly Mercedes, 6 seats are being replaced little by little byLodgy Daciacars 7 seats. They do not have a meter and usually travel outside (>15km) of Marrakech. Large taxis can be privatized. It will cost you about 700dhs for a return excursion to the valley of the Ourika and about 1000dhs for a day trip to Essaouira. For a place near the village of TninOurika (30km before the Ourika valley), the price is about 25dhs, but it is better to reserve 2 places in the front or back of the Mercedes to be more comfortable. The majority of large taxis are parked between the mosque of Kasbah (Saadian tombs) and Djemââ el Fna square.

5/ Horse drawn carriage in the New City of Marrakech and around the Medina ramparts

The horse drawn carriage is the means of tourist transport par excellence of Marrakech. It is very pleasant to drive over the other vehicles and to the sound of the hooves, letting time pass slowly. The carriage has 4 or 5 seats. The rates are about 150dhs for 1 hour. It is preferable to check your watch at the start. The tour of the ramparts is done in 1h30 and the circuit of the palm grove within 3h. There is also a 45-minute tour that goes from the Royal Palace to the Hivernage, passing in front of the wall and Bab Agnaou, the oldest gate of the medina of Marrakech, in front of the royal residence of Mohamed 6. To go from the medina to the Majorelle garden, count 50dhs to go by horse drawn carriage.

The majority of the horse drawncarriages are parked next to the Square Djemaa el Fna, along Foucault Square, opposite the old Club Mediterranee of the medina. Otherwise there are a few horsesdrawn carriages parked near the big hotels, near the Bahia palaces and Badia palaces, near the Majorelle garden. Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station – Attention: The horse drawncarriages do not circulate much in the medina because of the narrow streets.




sejour riad piscine spa marrakech

sejour riad piscine spa marrakech



6/ Bus in the centre of Marrakech

The Marrakech Bus network is operated by ALSA http://www.alsa.ma/fr/marrakech, present throughout Morocco. The fare of the bus ticket is 4 dhs and can be bought on board. There is an IKLASS card to be recharged and which allows you to pay 3.50dhs per ticket. Buses are comfortable and sometimes air-conditioned. It is one more way to get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station.

It is possible to travel by bus, from the bus station to the Medina (Arset El Bilk, next to Jemaa el Fna) with buses number 8 or 10.

Bus number 1, very practical for tourists, connects the Medina and the new city.The stops are: Djemaa el Fna Square (Arset El Bilk) in front of the square Foucault (between the place Djemaa el Fna and the mosque of the Moutoubia), Gueliz la Grande Poste (Place du 16 novembre), GuelizCarre Eden and it passes near the Majorelle garden and the Bahia/Badi palaces.

reseau bus marrakech

reseau bus marrakech

Since the COP 22 in 2016, the city of Marrakech has been equipped with”high service level” (BHNS) electric buses. 4 Lines are planned with frequencies between 5 and 10 minutes in specific lanes.

Buses starting with L (L22…) are the suburban buses that serve the surroundings of Marrakech until about 30km. The L25 bus goes from Marrakech to the Ourika village (25km before the valley with the Ourika waterfalls). The L33 bus will take you to AGAFAY and the L45 bus will take you to LalaTakerkoust Dam.

itineraire-periurbain bus marrakech

itineraire-periurbain bus marrakech

Find Here Marrakech Maps to Download & Print

7/ Inter-city Regional BUS from Marrakech to Essaouira, Agadir, Ouarzazate: Supratour and Ctm

Between the cities of Morocco, the Bus network is very well developed. The network is 5000km compared to only 2000km for the railway network. 2 companies operate buses and coaches for tourists. There are other bus companies, but their safety standards and the quality of their vehicles are much lower (no air-conditioning), so they are less recommended to tourists.

The bus stations in Marrakech are linked to the south of Morocco in Ouarzazate, Essaouira, Agadir, Tan TanTan, Dakhla and to the north of Morocco in Casablanca, Tangier, Rabat, Fez and Meknes. The fares vary between 50 and 250dhs for the southern destinations.  CTM and Supratour buses companieare air-conditioned, safe and punctual. Supratour bus station is located behind the ONCF train station. Bus station of the CM buses is a little further away from the ONCF station. It is recommended to buy your ticket the day before for a morning departure. There is no online sale.

There are no trains in southern Morocco. To get from Marrakech to Essaouira, Agadir, Safi or Ouarzazate and Deserts, you must use the buses.


The CTM or Supratour buses connect the 2 cities several times a day. The trip lasts 3 hours and the fare of a bus ticket is between 100 and 140dhs one way. The distance is 174km. Departures are near the ONCF train station.


The CTM or Supratour buses connect the 2 cities several times a day. The trip lasts 4 hours and the price of a bus ticket is between 60 and 90dhs one way. The distance is 240km. Departures are near the ONCF train station.


The CTM or Supratour buses connect the 2 cities several times a day. The trip lasts 4h15 and the price of a bus ticket is between 75 and 130dhs one way. It is a mountain road. The distance is 220km. Departures are near the ONCF train station.


The CTM or Supratour buses connect the 2 cities several times a day. The trip lasts 12h30 and the fare of a bus ticket is between 200 and 250dhs one way. It is partly a mountain road. The distance is 650km. There are 3 stops. Departures are near the ONCF train station.


The CTM or Supratour buses connect the 2 cities several times a day. The trip lasts 7 hours and 10 minutes and the cost of a bus ticket is between 150 and 225dhs one way. It is partly a mountain road. The distance is 380km. There is 1 stop.  Departures are near the ONCF train station.

Bus station: Bab Doukkala, Marrakech (NOT PICK UP). Phone: +212 (0)524 44 83 28

CTM: 12 bdZerktouni, gueliz, Marrakech. Phone: +212 (0)524 44 74 74 20

SUPRATOUR: avenue Hassan II, gueliz, Marrakech. Phone: +212 (0)524 43 55 25

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8/ TRAINS from Marrakech to Casablanca, Fes (Meknes, Oujda) and Tangier (Tetouan)

The ONCF train station in Marrakech only serves Casablanca and then northern Morocco. It is located in the new city of Gueliz, at the corner of Hassan 2 and Mohamed 6 avenues. There is a train departing every 2 hours between 5am and 24h to Casablanca. From there, you have to borrow a connection for the other northern cities. Southern Morocco is not served by train. Train schedules in Morocco are available at www.oncf.ma There is a first and second class.



Casablanca, about 200km from Marrakech, is at 3h am by train. Train ticket fares for a one-way train ticket from Marrakech to Casablanca cost between 95 and 130dhs in 2nd class and 130 to 190dhs in 1st class. The Inter-city bus, using the motorway, is a little cheaper and just as efficient. Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station


To go from Marrakech to Fez, you have to change to Casablanca. The trip lasts 8 hours. The prices of a Train Ticket in 1st or 2nd class vary between 240 and 410dhs one way. There are buses from Marrakech to Fez, the fares are between 160 and 260dhs. A new Air Arabia flight has just been inaugurated at the end of 2017 between Marrakech and Fez. From 250dhs the seat.


For a Marrakech Tangier, it is preferable to take the direct sleeper night train because the journey takes about 10.5 hours. There’s only one-night train a day. Day trains are possible by changing in Casablanca. The Rates of a night train ticket for a Marrakech Tangier vary between 250dhs and 470dhs. There are 18 stops. The bus Marrakech Tangier costs between 210dhs and 320dhs for a journey of 10h30 also.Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station

Flights by direct plane Marrakech Tangier do not yet exist, it is necessary to change in Casablanca.


Morocco invests in high-speed rail (250 km/h and more). The Tangier Casablanca line is now completed. In a few years (around 2028) Marrakech will be connected to the high-speed network on the Agadir – Casablanca – Tanger Train Line via Essaouira. The Agadir-Marrakech route, planned in a few years in 1h30, instead of 4h by bus today is already in the planning phase.

The 1st TGV (High Speed Train) of Africa! Travel in 1h30 Casablanca to Tangier, instead of 4h before. Also, there is talk (horizon 2030/2035) of a North Maghreb line that would serve Tangier – Oujda-Algiers – Tunis – Tripoli (information ONCF enterprises – master plan). The future of the train in North Africa is already underway. The lengthy journey times of the current train will then be seen as an ancestor.

Morocco High Speed train projet LGV maroc

Morocco High Speed train projet LGV maroc


Cascades d'Ouzoud Maroc | Riad Al Ksar

Cascades d’Ouzoud Maroc | Riad Al Ksar



9/ Car rental, Scooter, Motorcycle rental


If you wish to stroll quietly outside of Marrakech, towards Essaouira, or off the beaten tracks towards the Zat Valley, the Desert of Agafay, or the road of Tin Mal, rent a car is ideal.

Car rentals are on the order of 300 to 500 dhs per day, for the 4×4 cars it will be necessary to pay approximately 1000dhs per day, with insurance and air conditioning included.

A little sporty in Marrakech, driving requires an addiction. For example, the 2 wheels pass on your right, the right priority is still very frequent, but above all it is the first one to pass. The medina is NOT accessible by car

Driving on national roads is easier after leaving the city. However, you must be extremely vigilant at night because other vehicles do not always have light, can drive very slowly or pedestrians or bicycles can drive along the road without signs.

Outside Marrakech, the speed limits must be strictly observed. The cops are equipped with binoculars and radars. There are also frequent roadblocks set up by the Royal Gendarmerie. It is absolutely necessary to slow down or even stop. The Constable will give you a signal to stop by. If you get arrested without any obvious driving fault, plan 1 or 2x100dh tickets that should fix the deal. Always remain VERY calm and smiling…. there is Always a solution in Morocco.


Scooters can be rented in the city. Usually of 50cm3, they allow you to mop 1 or 2 in the vicinity of the city center. The driver must always wear his helmet. The rear passenger doesn’t. The policy is nowadays quite intractable on helmet wearing and insurance.

Many scooters are available for rent along Mohamed 5 Avenue between the medina and Gueliz. Rate of about 300dhs per day.

Motorcycles with a large displacement are quite expensive. Count between 600 and 900dhs the day of hiring for a 600cm3. Motorcycles are available at specialized rental agencies. Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station

Discover the Activities to Do in Marrakech and Around

10/ Bicycle rental, Segway, Mobilboard


Since the COP22 World Climate Conference in November 2016, bike rentals have been available on a timeshare basis. Medina Bike Marrakech https://medinabike.ma/en (via the company SMOOVE) offers about 10n car parks (Koutoubia, Majorelle garden, train station oncf) distributed in the city where it is possible to use one of the 300 bicycles 30mn free of charge for a subscription. Bicycles can be placed in a different parking lot from the collection point. After 30mn, each additional half hour is charged 10dhs.

The subscription fee is 50dhs for 24h rental, 150dhs for 7 days of rental and 500dhs for 1 year of rental. This formula is very practical to discover the city center of Marrakech. This is an economic option to get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station.

You can rent your bike on the internet by obtaining a bicycle withdrawal code or from a parking agent. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the bike when you don’t use it and move quickly from one point to another without having to use a taxi. Moreover, Marrakech is relatively flat (slightly uphill from Gueliz to the medina towards the Atlas) so it is easy to get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station



Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station ,it is also possible to rent personal classic bicycles or mountain bikes by day if you wish to ride in periods of more than 30 minutes. The rental is about 150dhs for the day or about 80dhs for the half day. Also, They must be parked in the numerous car parks in the city, easily recognizable and present at every corner of the street. A bicycle parking costs a few dirhams (2dhs per hour, 5dhs per night…)


Segway and Mobilboard are also available. You will easily find them along the pavements of Mohamed 5 avenue between the medina and gueliz. Prices vary. About 30 bucks a day.Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station

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11/  Touristic Bus

It serves 2 loops: a “Monumental Tour” for Historic Marrakech (Main Monuments), an “Oasis” Tour by the Palmeraie and the Majorelle Garden. The service has been relaunched in october 2017 with electric buses. Price is 150dhs for 24h ticket, with free drop on drop off, and 180dhs for 48h ticket. Comments are available through headphones in the bus in 8 languages. There is a stop for Bahia Palace and Badia Palace, close to Riad Al Ksar & Spa.

12/ Avoiding Transport Scams

The bulk of the scams are about taxi fares. Negotiate BEFORE getting IN TAXI or horse carriage. Worst-case scenario, know that each taxi has a number on its front doors. Be sure to note this in case of problems, as well as the date and time because several drivers use the same taxi. However, we must avoid going to the police station anyway and rather “prevent rather than cure” in view of the “slowness” and detours of the administration.

Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station is easy.For rentals, please make sure that you collect and check the rental contract and its specific conditions. Always negotiate the rate BEFOREhand and do not change the plans. Take pictures of the vehicle before and after use. Avoid altering anything in the rental contract without prior agreement of the lessor (duration, km etc.). As well always leave a rental car in an official guarded parking lot. Always rent a vehicle in an office and never on the street and NEVER pay money without a receipt / invoice or written commitment from the owner.


Spa & Riad Marrakech Al Ksar

Spa & Riad Marrakech Al Ksar

VISIT Le SPA by Riad Al Ksar: DUO HAMMAM & MASSAGES In the Medina of Marrakech, Near Bahia Palace & Jemaa El Fnaa Square

13 / Transport safety

Transport in Marrakech is often impressive, but the vehicles are finally slower than in Europe, so accidents are often very easy. Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station, the funny situations you will witness (4 on a moped) are unfortunately more tragic than 2 when a problem occurs. We therefore advise you not to try to do so and to remain vigilant at all times, especially on fast roads where collisions are unfortunately much more dramatic. It should be noted that the risk of road traffic accidents is generally 10 times higher than in United Kingdom! Always be cautious… at traffic lights, stoplights and crossings as well as when approaching another vehicle with uncertain or improbable driving behavior.


14/ Ecological Travel

Marrakech has moved to the Electric Buses, and the Bike Sharing in open access. The good intentions expressed at the COP22 Climate Conference in 2016 are making their way, but there is still much to be done about pollution in the city. When travelling in Marrakech, you will sometimes find it difficult to tolerate the smoke of vehicles in medina or Gueliz. Get around marrakech bus taxi airport transfer train station – The cloud of pollution is often visible above the city, as in the large western cities unfortunately. Little by little, efforts are being made. We hope to see the tramway in Marrakech soon, as is already the case in Casablanca and Rabat, and the High Speed Train LGV, limiting the carbon footprint of the journeys made today by taxi or airplane.


In Marrakech Stay in a Riad, like Riad Al Ksar & Spa, in the Centre of the Medina, near Jemaa El Fnaa & the Souks


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