Morocco. Sand dunes of Sahara desert from marrakech
From Marrakech to Merzouga | 3 Day Sahara Desert Tour in Morroco .... To appreciate and discover the wonders of the Moroccan Sahara, the most popular circuit for tourists remains the one from Marrakech to Merzouga. Different valleys of tourist
Vue aérienne Jardin de la Ménara Marrakech
Menara Gardens Marrakech | Tour, History, Pavilion ... The Menara Gardens Marrakech is a huge and vast garden of 100 hectares. Dating back to the Almohad dynasty, it is located a short distance from the Wall of Marrakech. It is
negocier aux souks a marrakech
Negotiation in Marrakech Souks | Where to Shop ? What Souvenirs ? Schedules, Map of the 18 Souks ... Find here all the Tips for Negotiation in Marrakech Souks, easily. Find also our Good Advices as well as the Rates
Travel Morocco Tourism Marrakech Visit | Information Guide Book
History of Marrakech | The Great Era of the Building Sultans ... The History of Marrakech began about a millennium ago, in the 11th Century. For almost 1000 years, Marrakech has been created and has grown. Often with the liking
Drapeau Berbere Amazigh Flag - Berbères au Maroc Flag
Berbers in Morocco | Plurimillenarian Indelible Maghreb Civilization ... The Berbers in Morocco are an indigenous civilization of North and Sub-Saharan Africa whose existence dates back more than 20,000 years. Called the Amazigh, Free Men, nowdays the Berbers in Morocco
bab agnaou marrakech medina kasbah
Bab Agnaou | Vestige of the Power Medieval Almohad Muslim West ... Bab Agnaou is a monumental Gate forming part of the Ramparts of Marrakech in the Kasbah district, in Medina. This heritage bears witness to the grandiose past of
Medersa-Ecole Coranique Ben-Youssef-Marrakech
Madrassa Ben Youssef Marrakech | Magnificent Heritage of Islamic Art ... FOLLOWING EARTHQUAKE, MADRASSA BEN YOUSSEF IS NOW OPEN - The Madrassa Ben Youssef of Marrakech is a Historical Monument of Islamic Art built in the 16th century, but its
Essaouira remparts et la Sqala de la Kasbah
Marrakech to Essaouira | From the Red City to the Blue One ...  Want to escape from Marrakech and its souks, want fresh air and a wide open sea? Direction Essaouira in Morocco for a day or more. 191 kilometers
virtual palais el badi 2 ©Antonio Almagro LAAC, Escuela de Estudios Árabes, CSIC. Granada
El Badi Palace Marrakech | Glory of the Saadian Dynasty ... FOLLOWING EARTHQUAKE, EL BADI PALACE IS NOW OPEN - The El Badi Palace is the witness of the Golden Age of Marrakech, then a caravan crossroads and Capital City
Saadian tombs | Jewel of the Golden Age of Marrakech  ... FOLLOWING EARTHQUAKE, SAADIAN TOMBS ARE NOW OPEN -  The Saadian Tombs are an invaluable heritage from the time of the Great Sultan Ahmed Al Mansour (the Victorious) El Dehbi
Une rue du Mellah de Marrakech
Jewish Mellah of Marrakech | History & Visit of Ancient Jewish District ... In Morocco, the Mellah is a term used to describe an area of residents of Jewish origin. It is generally surrounded by high walls to separate them
Tapis Berbere Marocain chiadma
Berber Rugs and Moroccan Carpets | History of a Millenary Heritage ... The Berber Rugs and Moroccan Carpets are the testimony of a very old craft industry resulting from a Berber Rural or Moroccan urban culture. The Berber tribes in